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7 Strategies for Effective Tech Management

If you are anything like me, it’s a constant wrestle.  Keeping my time on technology to just the time needed and no more is a constant battle for me.  Let’s dive into seven ways to take command of technology use while keeping our focus on the corporate landscape.

1. Establish Firm Digital Boundaries

In the world of business, managing screen time is crucial. Set clear and firm boundaries for your technology use. Create a daily schedule that allocates specific time slots for tech-related activities, from emails to online meetings. This disciplined approach ensures that tech serves your objectives rather than diverting your attention.  I have started blocking out tech free time in my calendar on a daily basis and it’s helping!

2. Organise Your Digital Workspace

Efficiency is the name of the game. Declutter your digital workspace by eliminating redundant apps, streamlining your email system, and customising notifications to prioritise critical updates. A well-organised digital environment can save you time and enhance productivity.  I’ve been allocating 30 minutes to an hour each week to make a dent in this and it’s working – much less spam, I can more easily find my digital files and it feels all less cluttered.

3. Consume Information Mindfully

Information is a valuable resource, but overconsumption can lead to decision fatigue. Adopt a deliberate approach to information intake. Before diving into a sea of data, question the relevance and significance of the content. Evaluate the source’s credibility and potential biases. Remember, it’s not about how much information you consume but how strategically you use it.  And of course, I’m still distracted by BSO’s (bright shiny objects) from time to time – a work in progress.

4. Nurture Authentic Relationships

In the business world, relationships are the cornerstone of success. Foster genuine connections by implementing technology-free moments during meetings and networking events. Engaging in face-to-face interactions helps to build trust and strengthen professional bonds. Technology should be a facilitator, not a replacement for authentic connections.  I am loving the face to face interaction I’m having lately – it wasn’t that long ago that we couldn’t be in the same room.

5. Implement Tech-Free Intervals

Embracing the concept of “digital detox” is essential in a world where connectivity is constant. Designate regular tech-free intervals during your workweek. These breaks allow you to recharge your mental and emotional batteries, making you more effective when you return to your digital duties.  Though I also add that we are up against it in terms of the technology companies so we need to be gently on ourselves.  The book Stolen Focus by Johann Hari is a great read on this very subject.

6. Stay Informed About Tech’s Impact on Business

Business leaders must stay informed about the potential risks and benefits of technology use. Learn about the physical and mental health implications, as well as the cybersecurity risks associated with extensive tech use in the business environment. Being informed empowers you to make data-driven decisions that protect your organisation’s interests – yes even for us sole traders!

7. Cultivate a Tech-Free Pastime

Achieving a balanced work-life dynamic is vital for professionals. Develop a tech-free hobby outside of work. Engaging in activities such as painting, gardening, or playing a musical instrument not only offers respite from screens but also enhances creativity and well-being.  What do you like to do that has nothing to do with technology?

As leaders, it is our responsibility to lead by example in managing technology use. These seven strategies can help you maintain a harmonious equilibrium between your professional obligations and your personal well-being. Technology should be a tool that advances your business goals, not a hindrance that derails them. Here’s to a tech-savvy and productive journey!

If you are interested in mentoring or coaching generally or around your technology use, reach out here.  Let’s have a chat.

Everything counts.

Written by Michelle McFadyen

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