I’m glad you found this page – let me share a little about myself.

The Beginning...

Believe it or not, my first paying job was as a Magician’s Assistant. I moved on from that and became a clown for a few years. Seriously. Fast forward through some 30 years, a University Degree and countless other studies, and I found myself in my 25th year of a career as a CEO/Deputy CEO in Local Government – most days still in awe at how I went from clowning – to CEO-ing.

My Career

Those 25 years were a whole mix of a whole lot, and I am who I am, in big part, because of them. In the earlier part of my career I was to be found mostly in the air, in small aircraft, flying around remote and regional Queensland delivering training and workshops to Local Councils all across the State. I moved into local government itself as CEO of a remote community way out near the Northern Territory border, before moving into the Longreach area where I was CEO of Ilfracombe Council and then the newly amalgamated Longreach Regional Council. That was a tough gig to be sure – the first CEO of a forced amalgamation of three councils – that was four of my most challenging years in local government.

From Longreach I moved into NSW and took up the role as the Deputy General Manager Corporate and Community with Bellingen Shire Council on the Mid North Coast – a role I held for almost 10 years before taking the leap out on my own. It was time for change.

So what makes a career CEO step out on her own?

The last few years have given me the opportunity to look at what really lights me up, the underlying reason why I do what I do. It’s people. That’s the reason. It always has been. I am driven by a desire to support those in my charge, those around me, to help them be the best they can be. That’s why I stepped out and am now offering a range of services which bring to life all those 25 years of experience in a way that I am passionate about and that support people, in organisations and individually, to be the best possible version of themselves.

My Vision


How can we work together?

I’d love to see if we’re a good fit – reach out to have a chat.

I’m also Localbuy Accredited for Business Management and Consulting Services, Training Services and People and Wellbeing Services.  

Reach out and let’s talk about Mental Health First Aid Training and Workplace Wellbeing Programs.  Seriously, this training may be the single most important training you will ever offer your teams.  It can literally save lives. 

Let’s chat about implementing an evidence-based wellbeing assessment that helps individuals and workplaces be the best they can be. It’s the best in the world and one where you can continue to track individual and organisational wellness over time.

I’m available to support you and bring my 25 years as CEO/Deputy of 4 Councils to the table – I can work at your offices or remotely, or a mixture of both.

I’m also Localbuy Accredited for Business Management and Consulting Services, Training Services and People and Wellbeing Services.  

I can support with Strengths Based Individual and Team Development – it’s a game changer in the workplace and I’ve seen amazing results from this program. Finding out your strengths helps you to focus on the tasks you do well and enjoy, and the benefits are backed by research. It won’t just benefit the individual and their leadership, but the people, teams, and organisations they work with.

Love it? Hate it? Run toward it? Run away from it? As a trained Conflict Coach, I can support you and your people before it turns toxic – and even then, if it’s at that point, I’m a qualified Mediator so I’ve got your back there too. Understanding our conflict type and learning how to better manage conflict is a game changer in workplaces. Together, let’s clear the air.

I’ve always loved storytelling and I believe in the power of storytelling to inspire us, teach us and inform us. Over time this love has migrated to the microphone where I have been described as a dynamic public speaker and facilitator. I’m available to speak at your next group gathering and at your workplace (face to face or video conference). My presentations are absorbing, inspirational and from the heart, and my facilitation and MC’ing is professional, adaptable and engaging.

Life's Last Wishes

Another passion project of mine is Life’s Last Wishes – an online tool that really is the greatest gift you will ever give – to yourself and to your loved ones. It’s an end-of-life planning tool – but on steroids. It came about after I lost my Mum, then my Dad, and I fully committed to developing it after surviving an earthquake in Nepal. You won’t find one like it anywhere else. You can check it out at lifeslastwishes.com.

Shall We Work Together?

My mantra in life is that ‘Everything counts”. I’ve found over my life, that it all does.

I’m loving what I do – I feel like I’ve gone back to my roots and sometimes, even today, it can feel like I’m working magic.

Click on through to my Services page if you’d like more information – or contact me, I’m always ready to talk about how we might work together.

Until then – remember – Everything counts.

Kind regards

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