Navigating 2024: A Chat About Health and Safety Trends

Recently Health and Safety Index published their Trends of 2023 following an analysis of benchmark data.  Their report looks to trends, concerns and insights that we can use moving in to 2024.

Let’s have a high-level look at the results – you can go to the full article more details.  There are some important insights here, and some seriously good takeaways.

2022 vs 2023: We’re Climbing the Charts!

Hold onto your hats – the Health and Safety Index hit a solid 74% in 2023, a cool 4% bump from last year. But, spoiler alert, there are a few spots where we can tighten the screws.

The Highlights:

  • Big win with a 5% boost in workplaces contributing positively to our health & wellbeing.
  • Another 5% upswing – we’re holding each other accountable.

The Lowdown:

  • Our mental health scoreboard took a hit, down by 19%. That’s right, nearly two decades worth of percentage points, and we’re not brushing it off
  • A concerning 50% reported that their job is throwing shade on their health and wellbeing. We need to flip this script because, let’s be real, it’s not a podium we want to stand o
  • On a slightly brighter note, there’s a 4% improvement in the ‘Adverse effect of job on health and wellbeing’ category. Progress is good, but we’re not throwing confetti just yet.

Reality Check:

  • Despite the 4% uptick, ‘Adverse effect of job on health and wellbeing’ sits at 50%, waving a red flag. It’s the saddest number among the 55 health and safety index questions. We can’t ignore this elephant in the room.

The Challenges:

  • A 4% dip in getting health & safety actions sorted on time. Let’s throw some resources and love at this in 2024.
  • Senior management’s been a bit shy in safety talks – down by 4%. Leaders, we need you on the field! Let’s make safety talks the highlight of the week.

What Can You Do? Leaders, here are your action steps:

  1. Ownership Vibes: Promote a culture of accountability.  It’s everyone’s responsibility – after all.
  2. Flexibility is Key: Embrace change like a pro. Remote work? We got this. It’s all about being adaptable.
  3. Believe & Behave: Get your team values sorted – do they even know what they are?  Refresh them and then work on living them.
  4. Chat it Out: Communication is the glue. Keep the conversations flowing, sort out issues quickly, and connect the job goals with the company’s grand plan.

And if we’re expecting more leaders to have socially and emotionally (psychosocially) safe conversations with their teams, we need to give them the confidence and skills to do so.

Reach out so we can talk about delivering the 3.5 hour Masterclass, “Navigate, Nurture, Lead: A Personal Leadership Masterclass,” in your organisation. It’s a transformative session designed for leaders committed to enhancing their skills and wellbeing. This program delves into three critical modules, focusing on Mental Health Awareness, Self Awareness and Care Strategies for Leaders, and Flamekeeper Strategies – Burnout, Boundaries and Masterful (Psychosocially Safe) One on Ones.

This Masterclass empowers leaders with the skills to not only navigate challenges but also to proactively address psychosocial risks within teams. It is a strategic investment in building emotional and social safety, fostering a workplace culture where both leaders and teams thrive.  More info here on the Masterclass Outline, or contact me via

Everything Counts

Written by Michelle McFadyen

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