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Conflict Resolution and Mediation

Need support around conflict? Love it? Hate it? Run toward it? Run away from it?

Together, let’s clear the air.

Dealing with conflict can be hard – it’s confronting and uncomfortable and many people would rather not address it than walk up to it.

In order to get better at this, you need to really understand conflict, and your own conflict style. We can help you with that and support you in learning better skills and strategies to deal with conflict in a healthy manner. Unresolved conflict breeds toxic workplaces. Let’s work together with a tailored program for you and your organisation.

Together, let’s clear the air

Mediation and conflict resolution will help put issues to rest and eliminate the toxic work environments that result from unresolved and ongoing conflict. It’s good for business. By resolving conflict in the workplace, you are promoting psychological safety and will see increases in productivity and engagement.

Whilst we offer qualified mediation as part of our services, most conflict can be managed and resolved before formal mediation is required, through our Conflict Resolution and Coaching services and training.

"In my 25 year career, this is arguably the most common problem I have seen, the failure of people to adequately resolve conflict, at all levels of the organisation. I’ve seen it time and again – it negatively impacts productivity and creates disengaged and disempowered employees."

- Michelle McFadyen


Our Conflict Resolution and Mediation Services include:

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  • Learn your conflict style
  • Understand conflict
  • Skills and strategies to better address conflict
  • Mediation services provided by Michelle McFadyen – Qualified Mediator
  • One on one interviews with key stakeholders – meetings with individuals to determine underlying causes and issues
  • Mediation by qualified mediator – if required
  • Conflict resolution plan – A clear plan of action that is agreed to by all affected parties
  • Final Report – Provision of advice on underlying causes and recommendations
  • Ongoing Coaching
  • Team Support – additional coaching support for any impacted team members

Accredited Skills & Training

In addition to her many years of experience in dealing with workplace conflict and supporting others to do so effectively, Michelle is also an Accredited Conflict Coach through CINERGY Conflict Management, so you can rest assured that you’re in great hands.

We offer tailored Conflict Resolution programs based on your needs – reach out to discuss.

Strengths Based Team and Individual Development Programs

Finding out your strengths helps you to focus on the tasks you do well and enjoy, and the benefits are backed by research.

Let's chat about how you can introduce a strengths approach in your organisation.

What is the Strengths Profile?

Strengths Profile uncovers an individual’s strengths in a multitude of different fields. Backed by extensive theoretical and empirical research, it strays from traditional two-dimensional tests by assessing strengths across the dimension of energy, and well as performance and use.

The tool provides a survey of 180 questions and resulting from this, allocates 60 different strengths into 4 quadrants – Realised Strengths, Unrealised Strengths, Learned Behaviour and Weaknesses.

Finding out your strengths helps you to focus on the tasks you do well and enjoy, and the benefits are backed by research. It won’t just benefit the individual and their leadership, but the people, teams, and organisations they work with.

While it’s sometimes referred to as a Strengths Test – there is no pass or fail – and it’s not actually a test. It’s also not a personality test – it’s an assessment that provides valuable insights into your personal strengths and weaknesses, what energises you, what your risks might be and some solid actions you can take.

For Individuals, research shows that people who use their strengths more:
  • Perform better at work
  • Experience less stress
  • Have higher levels of resilience
  • Are more engaged at work
  • Are more confident
  • Are happier
  • Experience higher levels of energy and vitality
  • Are more likely to achieve goals
  • Are more effective at developing themselves and achieving personal growth
Organisations also benefit from Strengths Profile as a powerful tool to help create high-performance teams. Strengths Profile when used across teams in organisations can be beneficial to:
  • Tap into unused talent across the organisation
  • Hire more of the people you need
  • Improve individual performance
  • Build employee engagement
  • Improve teamwork
  • Increase diversity and positive inclusion
  • Increase openness to change and the ability to deal with change
  • Deal more positively with reorganisation and restructures
  • Contribute to the happiness and fulfilment of employees

Michelle McFadyen has been a certified Strengths Profile Practitioner since 2015 and has worked with more than 300 individuals and many teams with the Strengths Profile Tool. She brings a wealth of insight, wisdom and knowledge to this process.


Start leveraging your strengths

Individual Strengths Profile sessions

Which include:

Team Profile and Development Sessions

Which include:

Want more information about how you can introduce a strengths approach in your team, or how you can access a Strengths Profile for yourself? Let's have a chat!

Strengths Based Coaching

Strengths Based Coaching is proven by research to help people, teams and organisations set and achieve the goals that bring success and enjoyment.

Build trust and allow team members to flourish

Coaching is probably one of the most—if not the most—individually tailored practices in talent development as it involves a close and confidential relationship between the coach and the person being coached.

Meeting one-on-one, we provide a safe, structured, and trustworthy environment in which to offer support for the individual. As coach we also help the leader understand their current competencies (through a strengths-based approach), see how they’re perceived by others, and focus on identifying and clarifying current goals as well as the appropriate action steps to reach those goals.

How we help

For new leaders and senior leaders alike – our strengths based coaching services help by supporting the self-managed, long-term development of the individual, enhancing physical and mental wellbeing, and providing support to self-actualise through a coaching process that provides stability, direction and accountability, ultimately leading to growth, clarity and a greater connection with self.


Get Coaching

Our services focus on Strengths Based Coaching – proven by research to help people, teams and organisations set and achieve the goals that bring success and enjoyment.

Specifically, we can support in many areas of development, including:

  • Leadership
  • Career Coaching
  • Planning, Goal setting and monitoring
  • Conflict Management/Resolution
  • Presentation skills
  • Coaching and mentoring skills
  • Managing teams
  • Performance Management – including feedback and difficult conversations
  • Leading and Managing change
  • Managing up
  • Building partnerships/relationships
  • Communication
  • Influence
  • Values – Understanding personal values and working with them
  • Effective meetings
  • Working at level

Reach out for a tailored program and proposal for your teams or individual leaders.

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